ABCA 220574

DOB 10.17.2002

DNA Normal

rough-coated female

aka Lula ♥


                                                                                                                                     Photo by Rebeca Andrews

RedTop Lana x Quiggs

I can't begin to put into words what this dog means to me. 

She is my first working dog, and an incredible one.

 She has taught me so many valuable lessons, both about working, handling and life.

Reece is a strong dog with a very come-forward attitude.  She has a great deal of push, coupled with quite a bit of eye.  She is very talented, and a great teammate.

Not only has Reece been an incredible working partner, she has been a superb mother to some great pups who have gone on to be successful Open trial dogs and tremendous ranch dogs.  I am so excited to see what their future continues to bring!

Due to an injury when Reece was young, her trialing career was cut far too short. She is an Open trial winner but is now semi-retired, though her attitude doesn't show it. She is still my favorite dog to use at home and has always been a huge asset at lambing and shearing. She has a huge amount of heart and never stops trying.

I bought Reece as a pup from Patrick Shannahan, and feel very fortunate to have her. 

I believe she is my once-in-a-lifetime dog.

Reece 2013 BHSS

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